Autumn in the old city

Last vacation was dedicated to Ukrainian city on the west of my country. Name of this city is Lviv.


Lviv was founded by King Danylo Romanovich in the mid-13th century. But the city got it name  from his son’s name Lev (translated as Lion). So it’s Lion’s city – lions are eveywhere actually.

Under Austrian rule the city became a center of Ukrainian and Polish national liberation movements. After the collapse of Austria-Hungary was the capital of the West Ukrainian National Republic. Before World War II belonged to Poland for Molotov – Ribbentrop annexed by the Soviet Union (more about history is here

Right now it’s a part of Ukraine and people really love it.


Old city street in Lviv

It’s very patriotic! Each balcony below has Ukrainian flag:)

patriotic balcony in Lviv

patriotic antenna

As the city is very old it has many interesting buildings, museums, temples, churches, historical monuments.


ballet dancers

cafe with ballet dancers


The main square has name Rynok Square (can be translated as Market Square) where each building is a museum or cozy cafe or restaurant.

Rynok square in Lviv

Each street around the main square  has it’s own legend,  romance, charm, architecture and often a church.

Even not religious person will enjoy churches and temples as they are representing  the beauty and grandeur of the past centuries.

church in Lviv

This post says about the autumn at the old city Lviv. Separate post related to history, evenings and other things will be later.

P.S. More about  the city on it’s official site for travellers :


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