Roofs of the old buildings in Lviv

Different colors of Lviv

Lviv has many places from which you can see nice city landscape. One of them is the tower at city’s administration building and another one at the park High Castle.

Interesting thing is that any tourist can enter city administration where the head of the city and his team are working. You simply should go upstairs but the stairs is sometimes so narrow that only one person can go by, so people going downstairs should wait. It’s not easy but city view is wonderful.

Roofs of the old buildings in Lviv Above the Lviv

High Castle park is the highest place (as I know) in the city and probably one of the most green places. It looks like the forest inside the city on the hill. Very nice place. Squirrels and mothers with newborns enjoy this place :).



Ukrainian flag is on the top of the hill.



There are guelder rose trees, one of Ukrainian national symbols. Widely used as a homemade remedy against the cold.

These trees make autumn landscapes more Ukrainian.


One the most beautiful buildings is Lviv Opera House. Inside it’s even more beautiful. Photos to be sure are here

Lviv Opera House

In evening all churches and cathedrals are illuminated with colored lights. One of the most beautiful is below.


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