Ukrainian Christmas and preparations

Continuing my photo stories about Ukraine I will tell about our Christmas and my preparations.

We have Christmas on January 7th. The evening on January 6 is called “Vecherya” (dinner), so actual celebration starts on evening 6th and ends on evening 7th. Evening 6th has a tradition – people should visit their godparents with some delicious dishes and presents. It’s good to have 12 dishes on each desk (12 apostles) and one main dish – kutia.

Kutia is a cereal, usually rice with honey, raisins or jam. Dinner traditionally is started from this dish.

I am expecting my godsun with his parents to celebrate the holiday, so have prepared one of the Ukrainian soup named as Solyanka. It’s one of the most delicious dishes in Ukrainian and Russian cuisine and is easy to cook.

For meat solyanka, ingredients like beef, ham, sausages, chicken breast together with cucumber pickles, tomatoes, onions, olives, allspice, parsley, and dill are all cut fine and mixed in a pot. You can find the full recipe here:

It looks like on my photo below, it’s delicious and hot – which is nice this cold winter (we expect -17 tomorrow)…

meat solyanka

this evening people in the villages are walking through the streets singing beautiful songs (check great example here, in the morning next day – children are going with friends through neighbors and ask for candies as thanks for their Christmas carols.


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