Happy at home or how to escape from grey winter

While there is a grey (not white) winter in Ukraine I am trying to finish my Photoshop online courses and save my passion to photo until the weather is better. But anyway it’s great that home can make me happy even when the weather is so wet and grey. Husband, baking, cooking, warm and soft kitty, flowers and hot tea make me happy this February.Books, lovely movies and photos from vacations help me to escape from those grey days while I am waiting for spring.

During the last two weeks I read two books and I am finishing the third one. The one was “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, second one – “French Children Don’t Throw Food “and the book in progress “The Hound of the Baskervilles”. Not bad actually :).

Cakes are with blueberry:) 

homemade cakes

Our cat is happy with this weather as it’s so good for sleeping.

sleeping emma

 I love orchids as they usually make me happy with flowers in winter.

winter orchid flower

I have lost my license to photoshop filters so have tried to use it’s own ways to do some photo editing. I hope it looks fine 🙂

It’s so great to be at home again 🙂 !


4 thoughts on “Happy at home or how to escape from grey winter

  1. Gorgeous shots!! Your cat is a beauty 🙂

    How was “French Children Don’t Throw Food”? Is that the one by Pamela Druckerman? I’ve read “Bringing up Bebe,” which was eye-opening. Maybe I’ll try reading that sometime.

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    1. Thanks:)
      Yes, the book is by Pamela. In general- I like the book and some ideas. Some things sound “scary”, but I think that she is right very often. It seems that American and Ukrainian ways of child nurturing are very similar and both are so different from French way:) thank you, I didn’t know about another her book- I will download definitelly !

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      1. I felt that, surprisingly, American and Japanese ways of parenting were similar as well. So I guess that means Japanese and Ukrainian are similar, too? Interesting! And I agree, some things that she writes can be a bit “too much” but in general I learned a lot from her book!


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