violet grey green

Color palettes taken from nature

Inspired by discussing the design and colors of new curtains for the apartment I have found that different color schemas might be seen at the gardens.

The question was if the blue pallete colors were ok with the violet palette color. I googled this question (of course) and have found beautiful picture that inspired me to go through the photos of flowers and took some new for this post.

So not mine photo which shows if the blue is fine with violet is below:

Blue violet palette
Blue violet palette

Beautiful color schemas which I have taken from my photos of flowers are below. It’s so interesting to observe how nature selective in combinations of different colors. I think that any field, forest, garden or even some flower bouquet might be a source of inspiration for designers or art people.

Examples of violet-green-greay,purple-grey, brown-grey palette:

Color palettes have been made by the great Colors Pallete Generator which requires the photos and generates the palette in 1 sec. Might be a good help for designers.


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